I am a ceramic artist based in County Waterford, Ireland. I work from my studio in Crough Woods at the foot of the Comeragh Mountains. I make sculptural objects and functional ware; I also teach classes and take part in educational projects.

My working process centres around the analysis and making of objects in clay. I use pre-existing or familiar forms and rearrange, remake and reposition them into art objects. I am interested in how individual objects interact with the space around them and with one another when grouped, how their relationships can define space and how this space can be made tangible.
My ideas stem from an interest in the intrinsic and the extrinsic nature of things. By making interrelated series of objects, where ideas, forms, colours and images are repeated and revisited, I aim to continually recontextualise, displace and pursue limits. My working process is experiential, where the outcomes are never predetermined; instead they slowly emerge throughout the making process. The focus is on a detail, while at the same time trying to consider a greater whole, a limit to what the thing might be and by testing these limits, new objects unfold.

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